Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta

Delicious spin on brussels sprouts! Found it on the back of the bag! Enjoy!

1 lb. brussels sprouts washed and sliced in half lengthwise

3 pieces uncooked pancetta, diced

½ c heavy cream

3-4 T creamy Dijon mustard

Salt and pepper to taste

Sauté the pancetta in pan on medium high heat until crisp. Remove the pancetta from the pan and reserve. Add the Brussels Sprouts to the pan and roast, stirring frequently. Continue cooking unti the sprouts start to brown slightly, 8-10 minutes.

While the sprouts cook, heat the heavy cream in a small saucepan to simmer. Add the Dijon mustard and stir until smooth.

Once the sprouts have browned, add the pancetta back to the pan. Slowly ad half of the mustard cream to the sprouts and stir to coat.

Remove from heat. Place sprouts in a serving dish and toss with the remaining mustard cream. Season with salt and pepper. Service immediately.

Yum. Enjoy!

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